Finally, a series that encourages kids to win with money and take responsibility for their future!
This series is part Chronicles of Narnia, part Legend of Zelda, and part business book. It celebrates good parents, family legacies, hard work, and creativity, and sparks entrepreneurship and ownership in kids because they really are capable of doing amazing things.

Your kids will learn:
- Basic entrepreneurial principles, such as simple accounting, profit/loss, cash flow, market research, and managing themselves.

- That parents and other caring adults are full of great advice and experience.

- Even when they make mistakes, moving forward is the best solution.

- Money is abundant and a tool to be used, not inherently good or evil.

- "Failure" is just learning that something doesn't work.

- Businesses (especially small businesses) serve the community and make the world a better place.

- When they are faithful to complete a small task, they can be entrusted with a larger task.

Signed Hardback - $40
Hardback - $25 
Paperback - $15

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  What People Are Saying:
“Where was this book when I was a kid?”
Derek Tsuboi,  -Owner 
Rediscover Digital
"Great story"
Braxton, 15 - Columbia, SC
"I finished your book! I want to read more. I know it's a kid's book but the wagon sucked me in"
Shari Roberson,
"I just finished the first book in Wonderful Wondering Wagon. The lessons are real life. And having 4 children of our own almost identical ages, I can say they nailed the children's behavior. I felt like the author spent time in my home listening to my children."
Mhya Harper,  -Mom 
Artisan, Pilgrims Harmony, 
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